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Hitleap Traffic Booster

How To Get Free Traffic from Hitleap Exchange viewer

Hi Friends
Today i Tell you easily method to how to get free High traffic from Hitleap Traffic Exchange Software. Hitleap send thousand of traffic on your Web Site in just 2 hours and you get daily 2000 and above Visiter on your (Web Site, Blog, Youtube) or any other link.

I share this Amazing Mathed and tell you about this how it works and how you get High traffic Easily.

I tell you about Hitleap Booster Software This is a plate form where you get free thousand of traffic of your website or blog.

Hitleap Send High Benifit Traffic on your Web Site. Then 1 Question in mind. Why Benifit of Hitleap Software ?
So first of all i discouse about Benifit of Hitleap Traffic.

: Every one know about Google is a Big Search Engine in the World. Google send high traffic to WebSite's. If your Site have Good Google Rank then Google Send High Traffic Daily Maybe (10k To 2k).
So any Person want to Incress Google Rank then use Hitleap Auto viewer Software. Hitleap Booster best for Incress Google Rank.

Alexa : Hitleap Also Best Software for Incress Alexa Rank. First of all I tell about Alexa.
Alexa is a Globle Rank Information Network. In other Easy word Alexa Told About Every Site Information. So that Open Alexa Site and Put your Site Link (URL) in Search box.
Then Check your Alexa Rank if your Site Die then show (______)
Don't worry try to Work Hard and Use Hitleap Booster Software.
If your Site not show Alexa Rank then use Hitleap viewer Software soon In Some Days user Site will be show in Alexa Globle Rank list.
Other way if Alexa Show your Globle Rank then also Best Software for user site. Because Hitleap Incress your Alexa Rank.

URL : Hitleap send high traffic on Every URL link.
If you want to send Traffic on WebSite, Blog, Etc best of all.

Youtube : Every person know About Youtube. Youtube is a Big Online Video Site in the world. Power by Google.

we also know Every person allow to Upload Videos on Youtube. If we want to get High view then used Hitleap Exchange Software.
Hitleap send High Viwer on Youtube Chanel videos free.

1. First of all you Creat Account on
2. Download and Install its Appliction (Software) in your Computer.
3. Open Hitleap Software and show 2 Box, put Login Data Same Link yout Put in Hitleap site.
4. When you Login Successfully then Now you start getting minutes when internet is available in your Computer System.
In this application you automatically getting minutes then you open your account on Any browser and see minutes to increase it.
5. When you get minutes on your account automatically then you put or add your site on hitleap account by Browser.
6. Now you add your website on your hitleap account and start to getting traffic on your providing link through hitleap.
Traffic depend upon how many minutes you earn on hitleap account if you on internet 2 hour you get 500 minutes and you get 600 traffic visiter on your site in just 1 hour.

Note You can make only one account on 1 Computer hitleap check the ip address of your computer System.
You can add 3 maximum website on same time on Hitleap. If you make 2 account on one ip may be your account are banned.
In Last Point Remain in your mind.
Don't use Hitleap software if you have Google Adsense Accound, Beause Adsense Not Allow Hitleap and Your Adsense Accound will be Banned.

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